The MULTITRACES project was developed in the framework of Europe 2020 strategy and in accordance with the Circular Economy Package launched by European Comission in December 2015, which contains the guidelines to move from a linear economy, based on consume and exhaustion of natural resources, to the circular economy model.

Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To strengthen the role of universities in regional development by an innovative study and analysis to offer tools for economic decisions of the authorities
  • To improve the connection between universities and SMEs concerning the formation of the students in accordance with the labor market requirements
  • To enrich the staff knowledge in accord with circular economy paradigm and the new learning ICT tools
  • To increase the labour market opportunities for students through the creation and implementation of multidisciplinary training courses in circular economy for new business models in rural area and through an innovative and interactive training for the development of personal needed skills
  • To modernize the learning process introducing innovative methods as blended learning, ICT and audiovisual tools and to assure the practical formation of students in real economy in an international and national environment through the support of SMEs.

The students’ entrepreneurial training in the field of circular economy applied in the rural environment is an innovative element and in accordance with the current policies of the EU.

Despite the generous resources it offers, the economic development of rural area suffers from an acute shortage of specialized staff in circular economy. Participating in the project activities provides learners with the necessary knowledge to meet these identified needs of the labour market, increasing the attractiveness of this economic area among the young people.