The formation students in the area of circular economy for rural business in rural environment, within the Multitraces project, had two components:

  • a theoretical part – online courses;
  • a practical part represented by transnational training activity developed by the students in the companies partner in the project .

The activities were performed in groups of 6 students, from three partner universities, the host being the fourth university and its associated company from the project.  During 45 days the participants worked together to solve practical problem of the companies being supported in this activity by mentors from the two institutions.


Transnational Training Activity in Romania  


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  • Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau:
    • Liliana TOPLICEANU,
    • Gabriel PUIU,
    • Cătălin DROB
  • Romagria SRL: Laurentiu BACIU


  • Photovoltaic Panels on the Roofs of Farm Buildings - student Dimitrios TSIOUTSIOURIGAS (IHU, Greece);
  • Recovery of Vegetable Waste for Pellets Productionstudents: Fotoula PAPANDREOU (IHU, Greece) and Natalia MARÍA CARRILLO CRISTANCHO (Politecnico di Torino, Italy);
  • Eco – Friendly Rural Tourism – students: Daniele CRITELLI and Borja GARCIA (University of Alicante, Spain).


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  • Politecnico di Torino:
  • Silvia BARBERO
  • Amina PERERO
  • Agrindustria Tecco SRL: Giuseppe TECCO


  • The Development of Vermicompost from Solid Waste of the Local Food Industry – students: Dragoş Cosmin JUFĂ (UBc, Romania,) Elena OLMOS CARBONELL(University of Alicante, Spain), Sofia PILAR SILVA(Politecnico di Torino);
  • Wood chopping machine -students Vlad-Constatin LUCA (UBc Romania) and Efthimia SIDIROPOULOU(IHU, Greece).


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  • International Hellenic University
    • Vassiliki KAZANA
    • Dimitris RAPTIS
  • Alfawood SA: Dimitris LAZOS


  • The Use of Recycled Materials in the Production of High-Quality Pellets;
  • Coffee Grounds as an Alternative Input Resource for Making Pellets, Alfa Wood Facility Kato Nevrokopi, Case Study.
  • The Byproducts of Ash in the Production of Biomass Energy and its Possibilities for a New Circular Economy System.

Students: Andrea RORDRÍGUEZ (University of Alicante, Spain), COMÎRLĂ Rareș-Ionuț (UBc, Romania), Jesús David ORTIZ (University of Alicante, Spain), Nicolás Mondelli and Silvia Moreno (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Trăistaru Ștefan-Iulian(UBc, Romania).




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  • University of Alicante
    • Oana M. DRIHA,
    • José Manuel CASADO
    • Raquel SIMÓN
  • Comunidad de Regantes de Pliego
    • Martín JIMÉNEZ
    • José Ángel PEREZ


  • Matching Energy Demand and Energy Production – students: Giulia D‟AGOSTINO (Politecnico di Torino, Italy), Nefeli Saia MACHAIRIDOU (IHU, Greece);
  • Study Of Turbine Energy Production –students: Dumitru BLĂNARU, Petrică ȚIBULEAC (UBc, Romania);
  • The Impact of Digital Control System on the Water Production – students: Tatiana MORENO BASTIDAS (Politecnico di Torino, Italy),, Iliana Seferidou (IHU, Greece).

Students projects presentation: